Snake's Cage 2/17/14 by VasVadum

Snake's Cage 2/17/14


17 February 2014 at 05:29:27 MST

Ok, this is the snake's cage as of February 17th, 2014.
Cage Size: 24.5in (length) x 18in (width) x 17in (height)
Cage Age: 22 years
Heating: Pad, underneath, 20x9 inches (I think, didn't lift cage to measure, will correct this the next time I clean his cage), thermometer in back of cage taped to the wall (cause he keeps ripping it down)
Bedding: Aspen
2 rocks one of which has a sand paper like texture to some bits of it for him to easily shed his skin against.
1 fake log thing, forget what it's made of. It's currently his favorite thing to sleep inside.
1 wooden rock tree thing-a-ma-jig, this rock is actually wooden or this wood is made of rock. Either way it's very light, he crawls under and over it frequently.
New alligator skull hide out that he hasn't left alone for 5 minutes since i put it in there yesterday.
Clear small water dish that I have 2 (Swap them out every so often to clean them), he gets his fat ass inside them sometimes to soak, so I need to find a new water dish apparently.
Last object, a glowing raptor taped to the front of the cage, that he often sleeps by.

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