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The Twilight Wars trilogies

The Twilight Wars is a series of books I have worked for quite some years on. From the character backgrounds to each world, and how to connect each story, not as to have them all link to the same reasons, but to have reason to take part, while not all connecting to one character.

The first trilogy is about Anorath, the protagonist of the first trilogy, The Prophecy. The Prophecy trilogy goes on about a prophecy made during the events of the Twilight War itself. Not taking place directly after the war, but 1700 years after it, you follow Anorath and his allies, as well as enemies in later parts of this trilogy. You discover the prophecy itself and see how it unravels, based on the small remnants of the past left behind, be they dead or alive to lead Anorath to the end of his journey.

The second trilogy is a tale of the 2300 year war, the Twilight War itself, thus this trilogy being called The Twilight War. It is told by a relative of Anorath, that lived during the war itself to see from beginning to end. As well as shed more light onto the prophecy. You learn the true events of this war, and though not the entire war is told, major points as well as parts that might be seen as interesting, to see those in present day differ from their lives during the war itself.

The third trilogy is called Repercussions. This trilogy follows another of Anorath's relatives and a number of characters from the first trilogy make a reappearance. Taking place about three years after the end of the first trilogy, you follow one character who lost their memory during the end of the first trilogy, who searches to recall the past, while traveling with the relative of Anorath. This leads to answer many questions left unanswered thus far in the series while settling many grudges that have been left unfinished.

The fourth and final trilogy is The False Gods. A group of self proclaimed deities that look to reshape the worlds in their own image. They look to build what they think may be is a perfect world, as Anorath and his allies look to end this tyranny and bring about peace so long as they live. This final trilogy is the conclusion to the Twilight Wars series and will show the extent of everyone's true limits.

I hope all that look to embrace the series follows through to the end to see the tale truly unravel to its ultimate end.

The first Twilight Wars book, The Prophecy's Journey can be bought here available for the kindle and kindle app only.

The kindle app is free for all computers smartphones and tablet available at this link\_arl\_box?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771

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