Hodge Podge by Vapster

Hodge Podge


1 June 2017 at 19:32:18 MDT

I inked and colored this guy for my first art stream/resulting speedpaint on my OtterlyDeerlightful YouTube channel.

Watch the speed paint here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqqSg_ab2g0

Hodge Podge is a My Little Pony OC that my brain came up with in a really weird dream. Basically, he's the accidental magic-bomb-created son of Twilight Sparkle and Discord. While he may have an obvious resemblance to his father, his magic is more closely tied to that of his mom's. Namely, the magic of harmony rather than, well, discord. He's a shy little guy who loves helping others (guess which Aunt he loves hanging out with whenever he gets the chance) and can be fairly introspective about life and the world and all that crazy stuff. He mostly stays with his mother, but likes visiting his father in his crazy wtf dimension, though he's often torn between loving it and enjoying the ability to lose himself in the chaos and that feeling of "oh god this is weird and wrong what would mom think?"

He does eventually get a cutie mark, thanks to Twilight and her pony magic creating him, but it's incredibly delayed so most people--Hodge Podge included--figure he's not capable of having one. Makes the guy really bummed for a good while...as if his looks weren't alienating enough, right?

I should really write a fic about the guy one day.

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