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We Are Here Together by vapourwaves (critique requested)

We Are Here Together (critique requested)


Warrior cats has been a constant in my life since my elementary years when I first picked up Into the Wild. Since then I have walked along with the series book for book and saga for saga. While some things with it never changes, it continues to evolve and add new and interesting ideas each new release. Be it nostalgia or it being just a good series, Warrior Cats is something I treasure and plan to keep following until the last book releases.

This is a sort of a tribute to the original series and all of the original cats in starclan (and Darkstripe, because I had a mind blip). Each and every one of these characters has made a name for themselves while a couple faded from view. None the less they were the names and the imaginary faces that we all started out with and will remember for the rest of this books' legacy.

I always imagined that the thunderclan cats from Firestar's beginnings would group together and share tongued like old times, romp about, and have a generally good time together once they've all reunited. Things have changed since their comings and goings but together they have kept strong and lived through the brightest and darkest of times. In this they are bound together, even in death.

Cats shown are:
Firestar, Sandstorm, Graystripe, Ravenpaw
Bluestar, Redtail, Lionheart, Whitestorm
Dustpelt, Brackenfur, Longtail, Mousefur
Cinderpelt, Spottedleaf
Goldenflower, Frostfur, Runningwind, Darkstripe

Yes I know Darkstripe is a dark forest cat, and technically Spottedleaf is gone (rip) but a) I forgot and b) for the sake of HEART WARMING SCENE it'll be fine.

This is the start of many warrior cat related things I plan on doing. It's about time I throw myself deep into the fandom that I've ghosted about in for so long and contribute to something that's kept me afloat through some difficult times.

Designs are from Nifty-senpai
Drawing and artwork vapourwaves
All characters are property of Erin Hunter and franchise owners

You may use this at your discretion JUST AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME PLEASE!!
My warrior cat artwork will be for the community, therefore the community can use it.
Just be nice and respectful and give credit where credit is due!