Hart, Clubb, and Daymon by van-weasel

Hart, Clubb, and Daymon


20 April 2017 at 13:21:39 MDT

Made myself a new character. I've wanted a multi character for a while and of course I always need more dobermans in my life.

These boys are separate personalities but they share a telepathic link. They have some as-of-yet unrevealed shapeshifting and magical abilities.

I'm still hashing out some origin details but I think that these three are not brothers or together from birth- instead they were individuals who chose to merge together and share one large and powerful body. They could separate if need be but they don't want to.

Hart and Daymon are very vampy, fashion-minded, seductive, and devious. They're very cunning and love to put their wits together to trick others. They're both fond of riddles. Hart is easily bored and loves to be entertained. Daymon enjoys having time for quiet and contemplation.

Clubb is very gruff and blunt, always speaks his mind. Sometimes he annoys the others by giving away their plans or not understanding subtle cues. He's intensely loyal and has a gentle side that only Hart and Daymon get to see.

They're all fairly bisexual/queer with a preference leaning towards males or anyone with androgynous or gender non-conforming presentation. They're male identifying.

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