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Old Lion by vantid

Old Lion


This fellow is a character in a story I like to pretend I will one day turn into an illustrated/graphic novel. It's not very likely to happen. Regardless, I've never done a character model sheet before. This wasn't even supposed to become a model sheet,, I was just drawing him and it accidentally happened.

I certainly had a lot of fun working out a design for an older character. I always enjoy blending human and animal anatomy, and this time I combined the look of the elderly with an aged lion. The challenge was to draw the same character each time. The snarl face was especially tricky!

What do you think, does he look like the same fellow throughout?

One of these days I am going to learn how to draw forearms and I will be overjoyed.

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    Old animals are so fun to draw! With their wrinkles and creases and sagging. This is wonderful!

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    I think you did a pretty consistent job on his look throughout all the different viewpoints. Would be super interested what he looked like beyond the sketch phase! I don't think I've seen you draw an older character before, would love to see how you age his face with color. Also I think most artists have a graphic novel they are sitting on...I'm glad I'm not the only one. Even have...most of the story figured out and several characters in mind..but they take so much time and effort.. Anyways, Definitely agree with Eski! This is wonderful!

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      Also so glad I started paying attention to my weasyl more lately, it's nice to start seeing your work regularly again

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        Oh thank you! I've been terrible about uploading, so i am trying to change that. We'll see how long it lasts. Hahaaaa...

        Despite no real intentions of doing this, I still occasionally storyboard or spend time researching for world building. It's all interesting and good practice no matter what happens. Forgive me though, your comment confuses me: "age his face with color". I did slap some colour on, is, not showing up somehow?

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          Hahaha I meant more detailed color, sorry about that. Flat work tends to only show so much. It'd be interesting to see if you added greys or wrinkly nose bits or what have you.

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            *greys in the facial fur

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    It's great to see characters of different age groups, especially older ones. Animals when they age are just as interesting and varied as humans are and it's awesome to see you explore all those details and quirks.

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    I think it looks consistent, and definitely like an old person! Elderly characters are a lot of fun to work with, I'm always surprised that there aren't more of them around.