Ethan & Maurice / The Lion and the Rat by Vangabond

Ethan & Maurice / The Lion and the Rat


13 January 2018 at 16:24:34 MST

Age: 20

Name : Maurice Osonami “Prince” Jalfar-Lupin

Height Weight: 6’1 , 201

Bio & Outfit: He has tan fur long brown hair and hazel eyes , he has a skinny but muscular build for a body type. He has a scruff of hair under his chin , he wears a white tank top brown cargo pants and black boots. He is good at magic and combat his magic being mostly earth grass and some fire.

Nationality: Egyptian, Sudanese, African

Age: 20

Name: Ethan “Grant” Serhan

Height Weight: 6ft 180

Bio & Outfit: He has light grey fur black hair but he has it dyed white , Black eyes and has a very skinny body type with some muscle. He wears a Black hoodie , blue jeans and black shoes. He is good at playing his guitar , and can use his own magic to turn his music into his greatest attack .

Nationality: Turkish,British,European

Arcana and personas


Persona- Lucifer/Luther

Either a hellhound with one head or a bigger hellhound with three heads - Uses Fire & Physical attacks

Outfit: a dark red mask that looks like a skull , a Black jacket that is very long (goes past knees) with a grey shirt under it , grey pants and black combat boots. He uses a basic pistol and a small baton


Persona- Rock head/ Master Dj

Either a ghost wearing a rocker outfit , or a ghost wearing a dj’s outfit , and can give off electric wind and fire attacks

Outfit: a black mask in the shape of a bass clef , a normal grey jacket with white pants and grey boots , and it looks like something a singer would be in. He uses two pistols and a battle axe as a weapon.

The two are rather quiet and partners and took notice of the current eleven members of the heroes of unity, after a small rivalry we made up and they joined is.

Maurice has a mother and a father (Lupin being the last name of his father and Jalfar being the last name of his mother) He has two brothers and two sisters all younger than him. And has a rather thick accent.

Ethan has only a father and a younger sister, and has a normal accent because he normally speaks turkish & english.

Ethan has a normal voice with some parts of a thick accent sometimes kicking in and Maurice has an african to english thick accent

Maurice and Ethan have the same favorite color = Gold , while Ethan being more lighter than Maurice.

Ethan’s Birthday is on the 30th of april and Maurice’s Birthday is on the 1st of may

In battle they act as backup support members and have the strength of Moon Randolph and Archie

There was supposed to be a story how we met our newest team members Ethan and Maurice.

Maurice: but someone who was supposed to be writing about it , but had other things to do.

Ethan: and we all can respect that , hopefully.

Thanks, but what happened was we met in a palace they helped us out and vice versa then after the treasure was stolen and the heart was changed they joined us.

For the Party gear the two of them would wear black jeans and boots , Ethan is the musician and Maurice is the Trickster.

As Ponies they would be unicorns with the same color palate.

And last thing i would update the things that were already posted but that was way too much work.

Oh and Maurice would have a dark type Z move and Ethan would have a normal one.

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