Oh , well i guess you found me on here existing

My name is Vangabond (aka payton) and I'm a bisexual (single) wolf hybrid from the united states , i have a DA,Fa,inkbunny and Furry network under the name Vangabond.

My tumblr blog(s)
vanga-bond-hds (main)
vanga-bond-hds-2 (second art blog)
vanga-bond-hds-nsfw (side blog)

i have a steam and skype under Vangabond 180
telegram under @Vangabond and discord under @Vangabond #7992 - F-list -Furiffic

Latest Journal

June 15th update

on 15 June 2018 at 13:40:19 MDT

Wow, this month has already felt very long, but anyways I had to deal with a bunch of personal issues last week and sort of contemplated taking a break but I didn't. Right now I am working on a few projects and thinking up a few ideas for stories that may or may not get posted. Also if i were to take a break i will put out an announcement out for it. Well that’s it so ...later until the next update or announcement in the near future.

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    Thank you very much for the Watch!^^
    licks <3<3

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    Hiya! Good work! <3

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        Idk, it seems rather interesting, I am mainly talking about the form of the body itself. The pose.
        Anyways you're are a good artist, keep up the good work! <3

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          oh alright then...

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    Thank you for the follow ^^