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Howdy there, The Name is Vangabond but if you were feeling inclined you can call me Xander if you want to. I am a 20 something (Taken) Poly-Ace Dude who has way too much free time on his hands for writing and drawing. I also fairly enjoy playing a lot of video games and enjoying time with close friends and my partners I love very dearly. Moreover on my page you can see my galleries of writing some original art and commissioned art but other than those things don't expect too much.

Lastly thank you for visiting my page and if you want to get into contact with me or want to ask for said information just ask me through notes I don't bite much.

(Also check out the many useful links) (Main Twitter) (Main Telegram Channel) (18+ Twitter) (18+ Telegram Channel) (Discord Server) (Ko-fi) Link (18+ Gaming Server)

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Updates for July

Howdy Everyone, New month New update (i guess you could say that) and this month, I'll be working on some new writing projects that are taking a different direction than my current projects are like chapter ideas. However these ideas won't really get posted to until next year (as the last story of the whole timeline i have created will come to an end some time in the fall but won't say when).

Also knowing it's the new month there is a few things I'm going to link as ways to communicate what's happening on my end.

The first link is to my telegram channel where i post the links to my stories + any updates and such, and my main twitter where i tweet... stuff :V and also sometimes do updates on my stories and personal life stuff.

Lastly, with it being hurricane Season and all, Twitter and Telegram are the best ways to check in with me if any of y'all were concerned with me.

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    I might just have to follow you just for the maps.
    I'm secretly crazy about maps. Maps are cool.