Oh , well i guess you found me on here existing

My name is Vangabond (aka payton) and I'm a bisexual (mated) wolf hybrid from the united states , i have a DA,Fa,inkbunny and Furry network under the name Vangabond.

My tumblr blog(s)
vanga-bond-hds (main)
vanga-bond-hds-2 (second art blog)
vanga-bond-hds-nsfw (side blog)

i have a steam and skype under Vangabond 180
telegram under @Vangabond and discord under @Vangabond #7992

Latest Journal

Jan 15th update

on 15 January 2018 at 19:06:54 MST

Reason i chose to update you guys on this day, no reason.
[Today is someone's birthday , and they know who they are, so happy birthday to them]
Not really much to say other than up to now in the year has been crazy and very cold
siffles also i really hope i don’t get sick, soon.
Also now i kinda decided on this
My Da and Tumblr(s) i use a lot and i am rather active on along with Furaffinity (even though i rarely post and just use it to view stuff on) Inkbunny and Sofurry are just used as me viewing stuff (even though my Ib and Fa pages look similar as heck). Weasyl And Furry network i really need to update bit i just use them for viewing stuff and sometimes posting stuff.
Soo yeah
Also when i post something on another site it will be delayed by one week or a day than it was originally posted.
Tbh i wanted some excuse to put out some sort of update (i like writing these)

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    Thank you very much for the Watch!^^
    licks <3<3

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    Hiya! Good work! <3

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        Idk, it seems rather interesting, I am mainly talking about the form of the body itself. The pose.
        Anyways you're are a good artist, keep up the good work! <3

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          oh alright then...

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    Thank you for the follow ^^