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The name is Vangabond, I'm a 20 something Poly-Ace guy who draws, writes and plays video games. Not much to say than my gallery is filled with my own work commissions and other stuff. (Kofi Link) (+18 channel) (Main Twitter) (personal updates channel) (+18 discord) (old discord sever) (+18 twitter)

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September update

Oh look one of the very few months where the first post of the month does not go out on the actual first of the month.

But I don't have much to say other than my college semester started a little while ago, and balancing life things along with my other tasks that needs to get done.

I do have plans for this month, but it will take a while before they come to reality just got to hold off until then (and when I am out of this creative slump of mine), Until then catch y'all later.

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    I might just have to follow you just for the maps.
    I'm secretly crazy about maps. Maps are cool.