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Primal Scales [Halloween Special] by Vandclash (critique requested)

Primal Scales [Halloween Special] (critique requested)


"Sometimes the unexpected happens. Halloween is a special day about spooky 'n' blackened stuff. Sometimes it's a time to show your inner negative feels in a creative way. Scaliewood is a Shoegaze/Darkwave band with influence of Industrial and Alternative Pop. Rico, Bento, Noosha and Zory are the members of this band. Rico is the singer, and the leader of the group.

Most of their singles, EP and some full albums follows a common themes: Love, nihilism, Gothic, obsessions, dreams, etc. But this time the unexpected happened! Rico might look like a femme delicate and playful lizard boy but, no one suspects he can hide a really aggressive feelings inside. Pure nihilism, violent cries, creepy sounds... he expressed, like a explosion, all of this feelings and more to their followers, and they didn't expect it.

He decided to change, slightly, his appearance. Adding black makeup, fishnets, spiked armlets, leather pants and a Tank-top with an inverted cross. He sangs everything he tends to hide and hates the most; Discrimination, hate, jittery, humiliation, being completely ignored, abuse, and much more. He sang with so much passion and anger, that the photographer in the studio takes a screenshot. The poster represents its inner negative feelings, their primal feelings. Primal scales."

Woah! I'm pretty happy with this experimental picture for Halloween! It is kind of strange to show the side b of Rico. Like a punk black metal lizard!

Rico belongs to Vandclash

Art by Vandclash