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I hope she likes me... by Vandclash (critique requested)

I hope she likes me... (critique requested)


3 September 2020 at 09:57:53 MDT

"Long time ago, a female young Daekkuh was surfing on intranet searching new friends and possible soulmates/girlfriends around the galaxy. She looks a little tomboish, she's slim, tall (for a Daekkuh), b cup breasts... and she tends to be cheerful, playful and sneaky. But she lacks confidence... so she lied about being a male Daekkuh around the web, because on her race, being lesbian is discriminated as unnatural and weakness.

One day, she found an interesting mature female Daekkuh. She's widow, thick and petite. When they matched, the conversation flow pretty well! But the mature Daekkuh didn't know that she was talking to a female.

Now, after 6 months of hot chatting, the mature Daekkuh really wanted to meet her in real life, but the young one was really nervous about her secret. She decided to invite her on her apartment.
She really hopes that she accept her and be free, ignoring the rest. But maybe hiding the truth will bring consequences..."

Long time I haven't draw a Daekkuh. I'm loving writing little stories in artworks.

Hope you like it!