VancouFur 2016 - Conbook Cover by VancouFur

VancouFur 2016 - Conbook Cover


10 March 2016 at 23:47:43 MST

VancouFur 2017: Space Station Zebra - REGISTRATION OPEN! $30 until March 25th ONLY

VancouFur2016 - Atlantis Conbook Cover
Thank you to out wonderful art team for all their hard work.

Background: Thea-
Recca drawn by Katsuke
Onnanoko drawn by, herself.
Thea- drawn by Temrin
Sunny Otter drawn by davecko
Misty Raccoon drawn by Rhari
Castor Beaver drawn by Ceowolf
Final touches for the print design done by Temrin and Thea-


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    This is so epic!