2020 Commission Pricing by Vampirika

2020 Commission Pricing


19 January 2020 at 20:26:28 MST

Terms of Service PLEASE READ


* If you'd like a commission, please send me an e-mail at artbyvampy[at]gmail.com or note me here with the basics of your request (class of commish, # of characters, general idea, special considerations, etc). If I accept your commission I will let you know, request more specifics and references. I prefer communication primarily taking place through email for organization purposes, but can handle notes or discord instead if needed.


* Commissions will be started when full payment has been received.
* All payments to be made in United States Dollar (USD).
* Payment will be through PayPal invoice (I will request your information if I accept your commission). Google Pay will also work but only in the event Paypal is not an option.

Creation Process:

* WIPs will be communicated regularly.
* Sketches will be sent for pose and idea adjustment.
* Once pose/ideas have been finalized no major alterations will be made. Minor adjustments are welcomed at any stage of the commission.

Deadlines and Turnaround:

* I don't currently accept deadlines.
* Turnaround depends entirely on the complexity of the idea and my familiarity with the subject matter, compounded by the requested level of finish.
* While I will not commit to a specific timeframe for each level of completion, you are more than welcome to ask how long a particular commission can expect to take.
* You can message me at any time to ask about the status of your commission.

Wills and Won'ts:

* I'm more than happy to draw anything rated-G to 18+/NSFW.
* Though I'm open to drawing subjects beyond what my gallery presents, please consider artists who specialize in your preferred kink if such things are important to you!
* I will decline most hard fetishes, they're just not my thing. If you're unsure, please ask.
* I prefer not to draw characters/species outside their canonical form/environment (e.g. female charr with breasts)

Artists notes:

* I hold the right to decline your commission without reason.
* I may stream the commission, unless otherwise requested not to (e.g. for privacy reasons). If you would like your commission streamed, please let me know and I will do so pending availability.
* I will use the finished artwork on my personal blogs when completed. If you need to request delayed posting (eg, gift art) make sure you state before completion! Do Not Post commissions will incur extra cost.

Buyer's Notes:

* You're free to use the artwork as you wish and upload it to your own pages, but please credit me and refer back to my profile page/s when doing so.
* Feel free to crop the artwork for personal use but please do not remove my signature from finished pieces.

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