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Cygnus Reference Sheet by ValyceNegative

Cygnus Reference Sheet


I've decided to dump some more ref sheet commissions here, because they've been so many fun characters I got the chance to draw and/or create. Some of these might be new, some of these might be old, but I'm going to post a whole lot of them in these following days. Three per day, 'cos I love you. xP
And if you want a commission of these, you can email me at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it for orders! They cost 35$ each for everything you see in the above example. I do SFW stuff only!

Stuff from 2011 yet again. This time I won't upload canine refs as I've already posted a plethora of them yesterday. xD Fortunately, I've worked on very different psecies for the most times!
Completed reference sheet commission for Raccilon on FA. His fursona Cygnus (Cy for friends) is a bear-lion hybrid. Never seen such a hybrid before, it's pretty nice to see unusual matches! ^^
I really like his relaxing, natural palette (and his fluffy tail). It's probably because of his brown fur and dark hair/mane, but he reminds me so much fo my Valy xD The green t-shirt adds to the resemblance, too. xP
© Character: Raccilon.
© Art: Me.

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