sad statue by V1rus

sad statue


16 August 2014 at 03:02:53 MDT

Fuck this shite country and all of it's disgusting politics. I have no hope for it's future. The world is shit, but to parade such in front of live cameras and open eyes is just despicable.

A quick scribble thing before bed because seriously fuck that noise but I'm not even really a political/activist type but I AM human, I guess. There won't be any more of this sort of mood/subject, but somehow, as an irritated artist, felt the need to do SOMETHING.

gonna move to scraps soon

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    This generation is long-overdue for a massive riotous revolution.

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      Beeeeh, its like I want that and Don't want that at the same time. More people would get hurt, and stuff would get a lot worse before it ever got better.

      Proposing mass exodus out of US and leave this stolen country to rot under the feet of the fat suits who insist on keeping it under their greasy thumbs. I hear Switzerland's pretty fuckin' nice.

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        Belize... that's where I'd go if I had to. That, or somewhere in Canada.

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    i love this beyond words

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      <3 !!

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        no seriously actually could you consider selling large prints or the full res so i can make this a poster