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'Ancient Challenge' by Zilven by Utunu

'Ancient Challenge' by Zilven


28 May 2015 at 16:54:12 MDT

Not far from Utunu's village stand great pillars of sculpted stone, weathered and ancient. Though they were made long ago, their forms and shapes remain intact, and they have lost none of their power. They act as doorways for the spirits, and it is a long-standing tradition for warriors to challenge these spirits so that they might test their mettle against them. A young, impetuous Utunu, brimming with confidence, decides to try his skill!

A lovely piece by Zilven Zilven! I really had no particular scene idea when I put forth the idea of a possible commission; originally, I was thinking of some sort of hunting scene because of the wonderful job Zilven's done with dynamic poses in the past. Zilven, however, had the great idea of these statues and animal spirits, and so we went with that - and I'm glad we did! I'm really thrilled with the result. :)

Art by Zilven
Character of Utunu belongs to me (Utunu)

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    Did he win? Beautiful piece.

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      Thanks! And yes, he did just fine. :)

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    Zilven did lovely on this one. had the FA post of it as my laptop BG for a few months ^^

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      Awwww! Hehee, I had it as my background on my desktop for quite a while. It's currently been replaced by a WIP of something rather... naughty... shall we say. :) But it may return soon!

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        i've posted a few naughtier images as backgrounds in the past as well. XD is often more fun to see folks look at it with confusion more than anything :3

        am curious to see what this WIP piece will be of when done as well now :D

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          Haha, well.... blush This piece in the works is probably the... porniest... piece I will have gotten to date. But, it IS canon and culturally meaningful. Just very very sexual. :)

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            ewwww, it's gonna have a vajayjay in it :U hahaha! nothing wrong with that though, really. :) erotica is nice and appreciatable even to asexuals like meself. :) will be nice to see regardless of content. (well, unless it's like something super anti-me lol, but doubt that'd be intentional anyway XD)

            but now that i re-read the word "porniest"....will it also double as the corniest? :3

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              Haha! No, at least I don't think it's corny!

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                i think now i'll have to get some kinda thing like that just to make ya facepalm at my weasily amused self. ^__^

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    I love her work and she made always an good job. ^^

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      Hehe me too! :) I need to ask her for another one! :)