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'Utunu Icon' by DarkIceWolf by Utunu

'Utunu Icon' by DarkIceWolf


Yay, finally managed to grab an icon slot from DarkIceWolf! I've been trying for a while now, and always seemed to be a few minutes late.

It's probably pretty obvious why I wanted one; it came out beautifully!

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    I absolutely love the biggest version! He looks so soft :D When it gets sized down the contrast seems to increase and he starts to look not as soft though :C

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      Hehe thanks! I love how soft I look in the big one, and I agree regarding the smaller version. I remember when I received the art for this, I wondered if it was wrong of me to want to pet my own character. SO SOFT. :)

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        Not at all, I really want to pet him too!

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        I hope you don't mind, but I tried to resize it so that the softness persisted in the smaller sizes. I hope that's alright! I just think his luscious fur should be kept intact if possible <3

        100x100 and 200x200

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          Awww, not at all! Thank you, I appreciate it! :) I definitely like the softer look!

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          Wow, that is fantastic work in keeping it looking quite soft :)

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    Always loved the realism from his work.

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      Me too! I'd been itching to get one for a while. :)