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'After the Rain' by HanMonster by Utunu

'After the Rain' by HanMonster


A beautiful rendition by HanMonster!

She had done two character portraits for us, and, and those turned out awesomely - so the next obvious step was asking her to do a couples piece!

The savanna's afternoon rains have just stopped, and as the sunlight filters through the dissipating clouds Kikivuli shares some of the thrill of magic with Utunu, channeling her power through his paws so he can feel what it's like. I just love his enraptured expression! Thanks bunches, Han, you did a wonderful job! :)

Art by HanMonster
Character of Kikivuli owned by Kikivuli
Character of Utunu owned by me (Utunu)

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    I just adore your characters. :) They are really well-fitting and beautiful, both of them. And you seem to have a way of working with the artists you commission - you always create beautiful and inspirational pieces of art together. Very inspirering.

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      Awww, thank you so much! hugs
      It means a lot when people like our characters and appreciate their design! And we've been super fortunate in the artists we've commissioned - the vast majority of them have loved our characters and have been excited about the pictures, and I think that does wonders towards the resultant finished artwork!

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        It does, indeed! A professional can make everything look good but every art starts breathing when it has sould and soul comes from passion not only for art in general, but the motif as well.

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    magnificent work!! :-) wow! <3

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      Thanks! Han does some great stuff. :)