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Utunu's Spear by Utunu

Utunu's Spear


16 December 2013 at 13:07:04 MST

So, this is a better view of the spear I was carrying around at RMFC 2012 and all the cons I visited thereafter, for those who are interested.

The spearhead is made by Máté Bánsághi, a blacksmith over in Hungary that our good friend qzurr pointed us to. Qzurr also designed the spearhead for us!

The shaft is made of zebrawood, which I sanded and treated with tung oil then split into three sections, which are connected via PVC couplings. I made the spear sectionable like this in order to be able to fit it into my luggage to take to cons without having to purchase a ski-case or something!

The two leather bands on the shaft are to obscure the PVC piping. My mate Kikivuli and I were working on these and all the feathers and beading up until the night before RMFC - glad we finished in time! Big props to Kikivuli, she did practically all of that work, including the sheath for the spearhead that allowed me to get past the peace-bonding requirements (at least at RMFC). :)

Anyway, enjoy! Hope you all like how it came out as much as I do. Utunu feels much better fursuiting now that he has his spear to carry. ;)

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