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Workers Strike by Usama

Workers Strike


Enterprise grunted and struggled to no avail. The frightened look on his face made three voices in the background nearly laugh their heads off, all of them disgruntled employees sticking up for the rest of the ponies in the building. Enterprise could hardly believe that a massive bag of his own income was bouncing up and down on a bellows, pumping him up with a spring and ruining a perfectly good suit.

"Well, I guess if you really wanted to persuade somepony, call you, right?" the first voice asked. A second voice simply chortled.

"Yeah, well, giving the boss a taste of his own medicine felt like the most fun way to do it," the second voice replied. The third employee helped the ungodly rich CEO out of the contraption so he could speak. "Well? Have you decided?" the third employee asked.

"I'm sorry, okay?!" the boss shouted. "I-I'll increase everypony's wages! Promise!" he continued, his blown up body groaning. He was almost put back in the trap before interrupting again. "AND RAISES! Base pay increase and a raise! I'M SORRY! J-Just...please! I feel like I'm going to explode..."

I told you there was an explanation for this. :V

A million thanks to Duragan for doing this commission for me. Great job! <3

Art (c) Duragan

Enterprise (c) ME

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