A Mother's Worry by Uroboros

A Mother's Worry


29 March 2014 at 14:47:56 MDT

If you haven't already, check out the Undertale Demo.
It's deceptively awesome.

This is just Toriel doing what she does best : Thinking of others.
All that emotional baggage has to suck.
I really don't like this pic but I don't have enough art to be picky about what I upload right now! It really doesn't do Toriel or Undertale any justice. I think it's just her face and how weird it came out. Trying to give her the rounded appearance from the side but also match the front-face appearance is tricky to a noob like me.

If you completed the demo but this doesn't make sense to you, just remember that you need to have determination. If you have that, anything is possible. Here's to hoping she gets a sizeable part in the full game, and not resigned to just a bit-part due to early branches in the story. So sweet and adorable. I loved the face she made when you encounter your first Froggit. <3

brb, listening to "Fallen Down" on the demo soundtrack again.

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