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Kari Savvy the Plusle's Casual Attire by Unownace

Kari Savvy the Plusle's Casual Attire


I've been meaning to do a new reference drawing of my surly sailor-mouthed Galarian/Scottish lesbian Plusle ballerina in "casual" clothing (A.K.A. what she might wear when she's not at ballet practice) for some time now, just hadn't found the motivation/inspiration until now. Went for a "pretty-punk-girl" look with the pink dress and high-heel sandals with a faux-denim jacket and white tights/gloves.

Here's an alt with black nylon tights/gloves since I can't decide which looks better:

And here's a previous depiction of her at recital:

And here she is in a "playbunny" outfit: