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Pokémon "Ace" Silver (HG/SS ROM Edit) Let's Play Cover by Unownace (critique requested)

Pokémon "Ace" Silver (HG/SS ROM Edit) Let's Play Cover (critique requested)


My YouTube channel:

So...this Let's Play is a bit of an experiment on my part born from the thought, "Dang I really wish I could play as my Pikachu-sona in a main-series Pokémon game instead of a human trainer..." Aaaand after doing a bit or research and watching a few tutorials I figured out how to edit a ROM of Pokémon: Soul Silver to do just that. So voila! Ace Spade the Pikachu in Johto!~ Still a few minor bugs to work out (sometimes the sprite reverts back to Ethan when I'm saving, at the Center, climbing ladders, etc.) so I'll work on fixing those as I go.

Playlist here:

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