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Kari Savvy the Plusle's "Play-Bunny Cosplay" by Unownace

Kari Savvy the Plusle's "Play-Bunny Cosplay"


Yet another "because I was bored and needed motivation" projects, I was in the mood to draw my Scottish/Galarian Plusle dancer OC again. I wanted to try experimenting with different outfits, so here she is saucing it up at home in a "playboy Bunny/gymnastics leotard" hybrid-outfit...for when she's in the mood to "get active and throw-down" if you know what I mean.

Fun fact: notmolo and I agreed a while back that Kari here is canonically in an LGBTQ+ relationship with his Pikachu Libre OC, "Zurine." So this little "late-night show" is probably intended for her. ;3

My previous drawing of Kari:


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    Zurine approves.

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      **horny Plusle and Pikachu noises