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Bubble the Popplio and Tempo the Oshawott's "Shipwreck Troubles" (Commission) by Unownace

Bubble the Popplio and Tempo the Oshawott's "Shipwreck Troubles" (Commission)


A commission for gamer2332 of my mute Popplio OC, "Bubble" and his Oshawott OC "Tempo" having gotten a little carried away while exploring a shipwreck together. While the brought a safety harness to keep them from getting separated, they foolishly dove in without any air tanks, thinking they'd be in-and-out of the rusted husk that was once a mighty ocean cruiser.

Now having over-enthusiastically trekked deep into the lower decks of the ship in search of treasure and artifacts, their lungs have begun to complain, and there's no exit in sight.

Tempo, being an Oshawott with only a 6 to 8 minute breath-holding record under his belt is the first to begin uncontrollably convulsing as his oxygen-deprived brain goes into panic-mode, leaving Bubble to literally carry the weight of both of them. While she may be Pokémon with a naturally much larger lung capacity than Tempo, the extra exertion Bubble is now forced to use with the flailing Tempo dragging behind her is causing her to burn through her oxygen much more quickly, so even she's beginning to feel the burn in her chest. They can only hope they make it to an exit with still enough energy to swim to the surface before they both become nothing more than relics of the sunken ship like the crew who went down with it.

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet (and Alice's "bounty hunter ad," seen above.):