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Vasha Amethyst the Pharaoh Riolu Demands "Tribute" by Unownace

Vasha Amethyst the Pharaoh Riolu Demands "Tribute"


"Neal before your Queen. Bask in your Empress's majesty. For her word is absolute and her reign is eternal. As such she expects no less than absolute eternal servitude from all who she governs. She demands tribute...but trinkets of gold and valuable items are not enough. The Great Pharaoh Vasha Amethyst requires the surrender of no less than her subjects' bodies and souls. Refusal is non-optional."

Been meaning to do something like this with my cursed immortal villainous Riolu OC for a while. As the "declaration" above implies, when Vasha was in power she was as vain as tyrants could get; obsessed with her looks, constantly demanding praise, and when she got bored...she'd take in a servant from either in her own palace or off the streets of her kingdom and "break them in" with a combination of dark magic, psychological "conditioning" and a looooooot of bandage-wrappings. If the subject she chose was "lucky," she'd grant them immortality like herself so they could be her personal "pets" indefinitely.