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Dr. Yvonna Alumina the Mew Scientist's Latest Experiment (Commission) by Unownace

Dr. Yvonna Alumina the Mew Scientist's Latest Experiment (Commission)


A commission for NotMolo of a recently purchased adoptable of his, whom we've already named and given some "characteristics."

The first name was suggested by the original adopt artist (MetalSonicFan), but the last name I helped come up with on a whim because it sounds similar to "aluminum" or "aluminium," though we may tweak that a bit eventually.

As for her personality, she's pansexual, flirty, a bit on the "kinky"-side, and a bit overenthusiastic and reckless with her "tests," often forgoing proper safety measures out of impatience to see the results of her latest concoction. This sometimes leads to..."embarrassing" situations when her assistants wind up having to help wash off whatever sticky gooey substance exploded in her face or even pry her off the wall with power tools.

Her "speciality" is creating new strong flexible materials, like bulletproof fabrics or spacesuit undergarments that maximize comfort while keeping the wearing of the clothing (often skin-tight) protected from deadly environments. In addition, she's always trying to create new kinds of quick-hardening glues and cements for easy instant repair work, like containment breaches or environment-suit repair. She's already patented a few successful materials for use in hazardous conditions, like space or radioactive and toxic waste deposits.

However, about 1 in 3 times, as mentioned before, her experiments can literally "blow up in her face." Guessing from how she's handling that flask in this image, guess what category THIS experiment is about to fall under. ;3

(Also I don't yet know that that metal collar with the glowing red jewel is for yet, it came with the original concept art: A power-dampening/focusing collar maybe?)

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet:


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    Thank you. This turned out well.

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      I'll leave to your imagination how well the experiment she's conducting is about to turn out. ;3