Luminia Aramis Trying On a "New Look" (Gift/Fan Art) by Unownace

Luminia Aramis Trying On a "New Look" (Gift/Fan Art)


6 February 2021 at 18:46:45 MST

Just a random gift drawing for Shadowlord90 ( of his Pikachu/Espeon hybrid OC, Queen Luminia Aramis examining herself in the mirror after trying on a custom-made gown, slippers, headdress/band, wrist and ear-bands and full-body catsuit/body-sock/tights combination, and a freshly applied fur-dye job for her head and ears to cover up her naturally lilac-coloured fur to more easily blend in (though said fur dye is not applied perfectly, as some purple is still showing through in spots.)

Luminia is a very high profile royal, psychic and precog, meaning paparazzi and crime lords are after her constantly, so having a slightly more discrete "civilian identity" when traveling in public will let her blend in without drawing too much attention to herself.

PLEASE NOTE that this was a gift, not a request, and I only do gifts when I feel in the mood.