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Taranis vs. Darkus - Mortal Pokken Kombat (Commission) by Unownace

Taranis vs. Darkus - Mortal Pokken Kombat (Commission)


A commission for Shadowlord90, featuring two of his most powerful "Dark Sorcerer/Tyrant" OCs; Taranis the warlock Subsume cult leader, and Gavin XI (A.K.A. "Darkus"), the soul-harvesting mystical tyrant of Mount Tonitrui (the "Lightning" Nation of Mystoria).

Being that both gain power by literally sapping it from other powerful 'Mons, and that the two have MANY conflicts of political and philosophical interests, it was inevitable they would throw down Mortal Kombat-style at some point...with health bars and "intro dialogue" to boot. XD

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet: