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Zeva and the Havartis' "Tea-Time Talk" (Commission) by Unownace

Zeva and the Havartis' "Tea-Time Talk" (Commission)


A commission for Shadowlord90 of his Raichu ex-doctor OC, Zeva Altria enjoying a cup of tea at the Havarti family mansion, discussing the possibility of using her medical training as a former practitioner (she lost her medical licence long ago for risky, unauthorized practices and generally ignoring the "do-no-harm" oath in day-to-day life) to repair some of the cosmetic damage to Bree Havarti's mouth (she was rendered mute years ago by an extremely abusive slave-owner who put a red-hot lump of iron in her mouth, permanently scarring her tongue, lips and teeth.)

Don Havarti, on the other paw, wants nothing more than to see Zeva "sleep with the Magikarps" for all the malfunctioning machines she's sold to him. The fact that his wife is such good friends with her is the only thing keeping the Don from having Zeva dragged to the docks in cement shoes right on the spot.

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