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Awkward Undercover Discovery (Commission) by Unownace

Awkward Undercover Discovery (Commission)


29 July 2020 at 16:06:17 MDT

A commission for Shadowlord90 of his Raichu scientist/part-time spy OC, Zeva Altria, yet again in her "harem outfit," but this time willingly...sort-of.

Assigned by her employers to gather intel in the shady dealings in a backwater desert cantina, she goes in undercover as a stage performer...only to soon find that her son, Ryder Stryker, is also there for completely unrelated reasons...and was not informed of the operation.

Ryder, having stopped in for a drink after a long day of prospecting ancient ruins with his archaeologist Marill daughter, equally shocked to find his own mother stand up on stage in such a sultry outfit.

If anyone else at the establishment figures out what's going on and Zeva's cover gets blown, BOTH mother-and-son's lives are in jeopardy. Awkward shenanigans ensue.

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet: