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Torquil's Quicksand Trouble (Mini Comic Commission) by Unownace (critique requested)

Torquil's Quicksand Trouble (Mini Comic Commission) (critique requested)


25 May 2020 at 17:50:01 MDT

A PayPal commission for Shadowlord90 of a three-panel mini comic featuring his rogue Emolga warrior OC, Torquil Raedon, having found himself stuck in a bit of a "coarse, rough and irritating" situation while on the hunt for Nikolai again...only for help to come in the form of a rope tossed by that very Dewott he was pursuing, because unlike Torquil sometimes Nikolai is the honorable, compassionate type who doesn't hold grudges.

(Quick side-note; this is officially my first commission since after deviantART Eclipse forced me to start posting everything here for a while, making this my first ever commission NOT posted on deviantART first. Hopefully I'll still get to post stuff there again eventually once the dA admins suck up their pride and start listening to our critiques so they can compromise and meet us half-way.)

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet: