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Dramatic Deep Dive Discovery (Commission) by Unownace

Dramatic Deep Dive Discovery (Commission)


Original upload date: April 10, 2020

Re-upload from deviantART.

Cue science-fiction-y opening title theme

A PayPal commission for Shadowlord90 featuring a favourite sci-fi concept of ours...parallel universes. Ace Spade, being no stranger to timeline-hopping, finds himself in a universe where some things seem...out of place. After some thorough investigation and donning a full diving suit and gear, the former-Jedi human-turned-Pikachu uncovers what appear to be the remains of his good friend, Nikolai Stryker the Dewott...but it appears as though the skeleton has been at the bottom of the ocean for decades, and that iron ball and two pairs of cuffs indicate there was no accident here... Something in the distant past went terribly awry for the poor 'Wott, and without his offspring to play their pivotal roles in history, things in this timeline are quite different indeed...

For information about commissions please see my rule sheet: