Alice Hearts Bounty #3: Queen Aurora Nightshade the Dewott (Commission) by Unownace

Alice Hearts Bounty #3: Queen Aurora Nightshade the Dewott (Commission)


22 May 2020 at 20:43:31 MDT

Original upload date: August 10, 2018

Re-upload from deviantART.

A commission for Shadowlord90 as part of this "promotion":

Alice: Here we go! Another happy costumer, another unhappy "victim". I'll admit, this one was a bit of a challenge. For a monarch, she sure can put up a fight. I'd almost be tempted to award her a medal for her resolve if I weren't about to drop her off with you once I get my payment. Those modified scallops of hers are quite the fine weapons, though. I think I might keep 'em in my display case next to those glasses from my last target, if ya' don't mind. Anyway, I highly recommend you keep close watch on this one at all times and make sure she stays nice and trussed up. She's a feisty one, her. kicks her

Aurora: MMMMRPFFF! >:X

Alice: See what I mean? Even now I think she's trying to think up a dozen different ways to rip my ears off. So as long as you make sure she stays nice and secure for whatever you have planned for her, and of course that she can't blow the whistle on me for being the one t' nab her for ya', you can send the money to my PayPal and I'll drop her off ASAP. See ya' soon!

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