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The "Mesmerizing" Steelfin Casino Showgirls (Commission) by Unownace

The "Mesmerizing" Steelfin Casino Showgirls (Commission)


20 May 2020 at 00:07:15 MDT

Original upload date: February 26th, 2020

Re-upload from deviantART.

A PayPal commission for notmolo, featuring five heroes (listed left-to-right), Tracey Scouter the Scorbunny, Ivy Petals the Servine, Ace Spade the Pikachu, Rayne Molner the Lopunny, Ginger Spade the Eevee and Autumn October the Quilava having been caught and "mentally reassigned" to serve new jobs. The five ladies are now parlor performers for the villainous Empoleon businessman, Edward Manchot, with Ace serving as a "show host." The "card" gimmick of his name helping him fit well into the role. (Even when all the heroes eventually snap out of this mind-control, Ace would probably still want to keep the outfit, minus the cigar of course. XD)

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