"It's Ours, We Foundz It! THE PRECIOUS!" by Unownace (critique requested)

"It's Ours, We Foundz It! THE PRECIOUS!" (critique requested)


4 March 2020 at 17:05:26 MST

DeviantART: http://fav.me/ddrqqac

Since I'm going to Lord of the Rings: In Concert this Friday evening, I thought I'd "try my paw" (haha, pun) at drawing Ace's gloved paw holding the one...the only...the PREEEECIOUUUS!~

Fun fact, unlike 99% of my drawings, this was done entirely digitally in Photoshop with just the mouse and brush tools. No "pencil-and-paper" step. I'm trying out different drawing methods, and near the top of my list is mastering drawing with the mouse. I'll never abandon good old fashioned graphite, ink and bleached tree-pulp, but I'm always trying to broaden my skills.

As for why the ring is so big in Ace's palm? He's a Pikachu, his paws are tiny compared to human hands. Yes I know the ring can change its size to match the new "barer," but I felt having it look really big in his grip like this would add to the dramatic effect.

[EDIT]: The first attempt looked like the ring was glowing hot rather than shiny-golden, so I played around with the Photoshop filters and found one called "chrome." I used it on the "Ring" layer, added some colour back to it and here it is! I personally think it looks better.

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