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Mirlice 'Mn'Shuii's Fanciest Outfit by Unownace (critique requested)

Mirlice 'Mn'Shuii's Fanciest Outfit (critique requested)



I'm in a "Ferren-drawing" mood lately, so here's another of my Ferren OCs, the cute li'l female Ferren Mirlice 'Mn'Shuii, in a cute li'l lolita dress. :3

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    the overall shading looks very well done, but try using another color other than black. A few google searches of shading tips would do nicely. It seems like you were petting the lineart. (Going over it in small bits) instead of one singular line. Make sure the colors (I can see it in the ears) dont bleed passed the line art.

    The lighting; the same thing when it comes to the shading. Light colors and some easy google searching for tips.