Lucario T-800 OC by Unownace

Lucario T-800 OC


17 March 2019 at 22:37:50 MDT


So here's the runner up from this poll: Since I've already drawn Slither the Serperior now, the "Terminator Lucario" OC was next in line. I really don't have much bio about him yet, other than that he came to the PMD world (Universe PK-37 from the world Ace originated from (Universe SF-PH-24), and was "programmed" by somebody from that universe years before Ace left it for Universe PK-37, possibly by Ace himself, though it would have been so long ago for Ace that he would have forgotten all about that "project" until it literally showed up at his door. Again, even that part of the backstory is up for change. All I really have is that he's a T-800-esque model designed to appear as a Lucario rather than a on the "good side"...and he has a thick Austrian accent because how could he not? XD

If anyone has any suggestions for more background details or even a name for my other characters to give him when he shows up, it'd be appreciated. XD