The Curse of Vasha Amethyst by Unownace

The Curse of Vasha Amethyst


3 December 2018 at 20:36:37 MST



She thrashed and writhed, viciously trying to escape from her wrappings, but to no avail. How could they do this to her?! Their Queen! Their unquestioned sovereign! This treachery...this TREASON could not go unpunished! The moment she escaped these binds the traitors who rallied against her would have their necks in nooses at the gallows, just like all the others who opposed her word! However...the tight restraints and bandages immobilizing her were proving difficult to shed...

She felt herself being dragged by two large Pokémon, no doubt fighting types, perhaps Machoke or Gurdurr. The bandages covering her eyes made it impossible to tell where she was being taken.

"There's no point struggling now, 'My Queen,'" one of the brutes taunted. The way he addressed her title so sarcastically made her clench her gagged maw in rage. "Nobody's coming to rescue you this time...mostly because you had anyone who at any point actually PUT UP with your tyranny executed. Face it, Vasha, you brought this upon yourself, and now it's time to reap what you've sewn."

"GRRRRMMMPFFF!" She writhed some more, wanting so desperately to wring the two rogues' necks with her own two paws.

It wasn't long before the dragging stopped, and she was quickly lifted up off the floor...and placed down into a wooden box of some kind. With what little senses she still had available to her in her sight-deprived state, it seemed as though she'd been lowered into a sarcophagus. "MMMMMMFFF! GRRRMMMMF!" Her struggles were desperate now. At first she was merely irate about the situation she'd been put in...but now she was genuinely terrified.

As the two traitors began fastening her ankles, legs, torso, tail and head down to the bottom of the sarcophagus with what felt like leather straps, the one who'd spoken before did so again. "This, Vasha, is the conclusion to all the death and suffering you've brought upon our Kingdom under your rule. the bed you have made, and in which you shall sleep...eternally."


"And don't worry, 'My Queen,' your brother will keep your throne warm in your absence. He's already proving to be a much kinder and more noble ruler than you ever were."

"GRFMMMRRRMPF!" She thrashed especially violently at this revelation. She HATED her brother... That weak little runt could NEVER rule a land like she could! All his sovereignty would bring her Kingdom is weakness in the face of the other nations! Her Kingdom would become a laughing stock!

"Oh...and I feel I should mention...this isn't technically an 'execution,'" the traitorous guard explained, malevolence in his tone. "You was decided by your own people that...death would simply be too merciful a punishment for someone as wicked to the core as you. As such...the two golden bands fasted onto your Aura sensors...? They're enchanted with a spell to make you immortal. Months, years, even centuries will pass for you inside that sarcophagus...but the sweet embrace of death will never come to free you from it. Your lungs will ache from lack of air, but you will never suffocate. Your stomach will burn from hunger, but you will never starve. Your lips with parch from thirst, but you will never fade away to dust. You will face all of eternity trapped in a living death, in unyielding darkness, silence and solitude, with only your own twisted mind to keep you company. Who knows? Maybe some day, hundreds of years in the future, some unlucky fool will dig you up and free you. I hope that never happens, however, because you are one Riolu this world should NEVER have the misfortune of seeing again."


All she could do is helplessly struggle and squirm as the lid the the sarcophagus was lowered on-top of her, plunging her world into utter blackness.