Greetings From the Krampus by uncle-bang

Greetings From the Krampus


5 June 2013 at 17:49:22 MDT

This is my entry for the "Design-a-Character"'s Re-Imagine a Holiday Character challenge.

I decided to go with the Krampus. With my re-imagining I wanted to make him more of a Santa Impostor rather than just a devil beast like he is usually portrayed as. Santa is usually drawn fat and short so I wanted to make my Krampus the exact opposite: tall and lanky. I tried to make his Santa outfit look a little "off" by using more of a purplish hue and making the trim a yellowish and unclean white. I kept his beast appearance somewhat, but made him more satyr than devil. I also kept the chains he usually carries with him, but I wanted to make it seem like he is trying to hide them up his sleeves so he can better fool his prey.

The story described in this image is a lot darker than I expected, but in order to have his pose make sense I needed some props.

Thanks for looking!


Artwork © Uncle-Bang

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    wow wow wow what a great krampus design! I really adore how he's more like a real "anti-Santa" here, and all the little details like the hole in the hat for his horns are just wonderful! Seriously one of the best original Krampus interpretations I've ever seen <3

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      Thanks very much! I appreciate the fave. :D