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New Goo


16 July 2019 at 02:45:42 MDT

So… it was on this day five years ago I decided to draw a Goodra and post it to my Tumblr. And I drew even more Pokemon after that, daily, for a couple of years.

It was on that day I decided to get real serious about pursuing a longtime dream of mine, to… well, not necessarily be a great or professional illustrator, but one where I can easily visualize the ideas and characters I love. And be good enough to share my ideas with others without feeling completely worthless.

I just want everyone reading this to know: Just about everything, including talents, can be learned. It just takes a lot of time, study, and practice. Even if your art is “bad” or “amateurish”, keep putting yourself out there, keep pushing yourself to learn new concepts (no matter how embarrassing or bad the outcome will be!), and study from the greats.

My younger self would be super proud and excited to see where I’d end up.


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    This was actually posted on my birthday! .o.
    I also really like the message you put out there for everyone. uwu

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      Well, happy late birthday then!

      And thanks, I'm super proud of how far i've come and want to encourage more would-be artists.