Betrayal by Umeko



24 November 2017 at 10:21:02 MST

Skyiler wakes up chained to the wall of the cell that he is so familiar with.
Looking around as his vision stabilizes from the drug that he was injected with.
In front of him stands the human girl he had loved for a while now, she smiles and speaks
"Don't look so shocked Skyiler, the dumbest thing you did was to think you could trust me"
Skyiler's eyes widen "You... work for these people?" He gritted his teeth "For how long?"
The human giggled "I've been working for these people since before we met, I spied on you for them, reporting back everyday with new things to tell. Now they know everything" She laughed and just when Skyiler is about to speak she lashes out and slaps his cheek "Be quiet, I know what you're going to say, and the answer is money, I got a big reward for bringing you back here" She looked back at a shadowy figure "He's all your's, have a good final moments in this life Skyiler" She laughed and left the cell.

I drew another picture for this scene:
I wanted to show the scene before Aiyame enters the picture, when Hanna the girl who he had been with for a little over a year, betrayed him when they were out walking.
While they were hugging she injected him with a drug to knock him out, his eyes widened before everything went black.
Later he wakes up like this.
This is also where his hatred for humans is pushed over the edge
I tried to capture the emotion of betrayal in his face.

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