Damien the Houndoom by Umbra.Exe

Damien the Houndoom


20 March 2015 at 05:41:43 MDT

After a much-too-long period of inactivity here, I'm finally uploading something to this account. XD

I wanted to try making an anthro Pokemon character, and Houndoom's one of my favorite Fire-type Pokemon, so here's Damien!

I tried doing some more realistic shading than I usually do. I'm fairly pleased with it, for a first try.

Apologies for the background... I didn't plan on having one when I drew him, but he looked strange without one. Not sure where he is, exactly... Random lava-flow rocks galore! :b But hey, it's a step up from what I usually do, which is... Not draw a background at all. ^^;

I realized while making this character that I actually don't draw canines very often... I hope to draw some more of this guy soon!

EDIT: Darkened up the jeans, horns/bones and shoe soles a bit. They seemed a bit light before. ^^;


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    Oh wow, quite a bit a detail on this fella. He has very nice proportions too. I like his mischievous grin the most.

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      Thank you! I originally wanted this guy to be somewhat cartoony, then somewhere along the way I decided to make it more detailed. Funny how things work out sometimes! And I'm glad you like the proportions, as I tend to have trouble in that area.
      His grin was pretty fun to draw, with all those teeth!