"Model This Again" - Magnetman.EXE by Umbra.Exe

"Model This Again" - Magnetman.EXE


16 June 2015 at 00:19:09 MDT

Wasn't' sure what to do for a title on this... I guess this is sort of like that "Draw This Again" thing that people do, only with 3D models. A while back, I decided to remake an old character model I did back when I was first learning Blender. Then I completely forgot about actually doing anything with it until recently. ^^;

The character is Magnetman.EXE from Megaman Battle Network, a cartoon/game series I was into when I was younger. Magnetman was one of my favorites from that series.

The model on the left was pretty much my first real attempt at 3D modeling, back in about freshman year of high school. It's... Pretty bad. I don't have the original file on hand, but I think I had a lot of redundant/extra vertices, and the model itself wasn't rigged- I just edited the model itself to pose it. Tsk, tsk. Also, the mouth was just an extruded cube, bent to look like a mouth. :b another thing that bothered me was the dark lines on the arms and legs, it may be an effect of the repeated vertices.

The newer model is labeled 2014, because while I did do some adjustments this year, all the modeling itself was done last August or so. Recently I finished rigging the hands (I dislike rigging hands, so I kept putting that off), and added some toon shaders with the help of Lime_Flavored_Dragon Lime_Flavored_Dragon. (Thanks for showing me how!)
This one is rigged, so no more editing the vertices themselves, haha. The new model also has a proper mouth, one that isn't just stuck onto the face! I still don't like the hands much... I have a hard enough time modeling normal hands, let alone big square ones. It could still use some improvements, but overall, I think it's much better than the old one. It's not perfect, but I'm happy with how much I've improved so far.

(Also, I posed and rendered the second model before I went back to look for the first render... I find it funny how similar the pose turned out.)


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    Magnetman, noice~

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      Thanks! Always thought this guy was pretty cool.

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        I loved all the EXE variants.
        Well, the series is my favorite, haha.

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          Battle Network is my favorite Megaman series, too. There were so many characters I liked from the show and games. I still have my Magnetman, Torchman, Searchman, and Protoman figures on my shelf! (I really wish they'd made a Burnerman figure, though.)