[Venting Art] In the Rain... by Ulvra

[Venting Art] In the Rain...


21 June 2017 at 08:29:24 MDT

Life is difficult...

I'm a bit of an abnormal type. I don't really fit into mainstream society. Never really been sure where I was going and I've made mistakes along the way. Life will never be easy for one in my situation, but me being myself is not exactly helping the situation. I don't know what to do with myself and in many ways my artwork feels like it's my last chance, but even there I lack the self-confidence to believe in myself... unsurprisingly this leads to a lot of feelings, hopelessness, worthlessness and more.

The week before last those feelings really got to me badly, especially in the start of the week and so I decided to sit down and draw to try and process some of the feelings. I didn't publish the piece right away because I wanted to order my submissions better thematically, but the turn has come and while I might have waited a day or two longer, today feels like the right day to finally show this off, for reasons I will not go into here and now.

Drawing this helped me pick myself up a bit again, but it still remains a struggle back and forth. I just hope that things will get less uncertain sometime in the future.

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