[Sketch Commission - Venting Art] Batteries not included... by Ulvra

[Sketch Commission - Venting Art] Batteries not included...


12 May 2017 at 09:00:23 MDT

... but only love is needed. ♥

My friend Mooxie asked me if I could make some venting art for her and at the same time wanting to support me and allow me to experiment with some sketching. I probably went a bit too far to call it a sketch, but still... I felt like I needed to add a little extra to it, especially because of the topic. For one thinking about the first part... I couldn't bear it, to think of Mooxie all drained and used, so I needed to make a second parter for it to make her happy again. Either way though, it's a sketchy piece, so... not as refined as I'd usually make it.

Mooxie does a lot for others and I know completely well how much that can wear on you, so Mooxie wanted me to sketch her as a toy, left, worn, used and drained of power... then I came up with the idea to stop myself from crying, to make the second part where an exhausted toy-moo is found and recharged by love by a little pupper.

  • Puppy Ulvra & artwork is copyright me ♥ 2017
  • Maxine Red is copyright her creator

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