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Hi there. ♥

My name is Ulvra, a good-hearted if though dirty minded omega bitch, a grey wolf of breed even though some have suggested that I might not be as full-blooded as I used to think, and while that'd been proven, where that came from still remains to be discovered. I don't currently have a day job, due to various reasons, so I use my time on creative pursuits instead, my artwork being a big part of that, but I also do writing, game - and world building, videos and streaming. I've got a Patreon for anyone who wishes to help support a moof and make ends meet, as well as get a little something back in return.

I have my own personal Discord server. Sort of a place to come and talk to me and those in my community, but it also serves as a place for me to bounce ideas around for various projects, as a feed for my artwork, a place to discuss artwork and maybe get some input on commission ideas, as well as a hub to come, discuss with and then commission me, where you can also see my current queue. The Discord server is an offer, but not a requirement to commission me... it merely offers an easy alley of communication in a place I'm in on a daily basis. Due to issues with scrapers I no longer keep an open invite link, but if you want to join, just ask.

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Price listing & ToS


Refined Sketch - 10$

Lineart - 25$

Flat Colour - 40$
Cell-shaded - 50$
Full-shaded - 60$



  • Simple (Blurry shapes and/or simple patterns) - +5$
  • Standard (Simple painted background) - +10$
  • Detailed (Detailed painted background) - +20$

Additional Character - +20$

Waist-up - -20%
Bust - -40%
Avatar/Icon (~1000x1000 px) - -60%

Excessive Complexity (Rather than simply turning down a commission due to complexity I'd rather talk about upping the price a little. This is variable on a case by case basis and will likely rarely be used but should be noted none the less. Do note that I do NOT consider a design complex simply because a character has spots or stripes!)



  • Simple (1 pose (front and back) and formatting) - 50$ (Flat colour) / 70$ (Cell-shaded)
  • Full (1 pose (front and back), 1 "action" pose, 5 facial expressions and formatting) - 70$ (Flat colour) / 90$ (Cell-shaded)

Mood Icons (1 pose avatar w. X mood variations, flat colour, ~1000x1000 px) - 20$

Chibi (~1000 px high) - -50%

Things I won't draw: Gore, scat and probably other things too I haven't thought of
For all other inquiries, it doesn't hurt to ask


Queue, payments & commissioning
As my available time to draw is limited by other obligations, not least of which a full time job, I will limit the amount of commissions I take at a time to a certain number. These pieces will be completed in chronological order from first to last recieved, but once a commission reaches a feedback point I will start work on the next in line while waiting for the response.
I will on occassion draw other things for myself as well, to keep myself refreshed, but if I have commissions to do these still take priority and the majority of my available time.

Once I start a new commission, the first I do is sketching a rough concept which will then be sent out for confirmation by the commissioner. Once the rough sketch has been confirmed and payment for the commission has been delivered, further work will then commence.

I reserve the right to deny a commission request for whatever reason. It could be due to timing or time constraints, topic or other reasons, but I'll always let you know why so that you know if there'll be a chance later (such as for time constraint cases, where I might not have time right now but maybe in a month instead).

Refunds & cancellations
Should the need arise to cancel a commission before it has reached the desired finished state (such as in cases of financial emergencies), a refund will be provided matching the value of the work still left to be done. If work has been started on a stage of the drawing, this will still be concluded, e.g. if I have finished the lineart and begun the flat colouring of a cell shaded commission when the commission is cancelled, I will finish up the flat colours and refund the value of the cell shading.

While it will likely only very rarely become relevant, I reserve the right to cancel a commission should the need arise. I'd wager that this will most often come into play in a situation where I find out later that I cannot work together with a certain commissioner, or in case of emergencies, but no matter the reason, work will still be concluded and refund provided matching the work left to be done.

If a cancellation situation should arise, then I implore you, please do not attempt a chargeback, rather talk with me instead and let us work it out together.

Drawing process & stages
When I draw I work in stages, starting with a rough sketch which I will then have confirmed by the commissioner before moving on and once that is done and payment is given work will commence. Feedback will be requested between each stage and is expected to be given within reasonable time (e.g. I'm not going to sit and wait for weeks for a response). Feedback must be given at appropriate times, which means that once I've started the colouring, I won't be doing big changes to the lineart and once the lineart has started it's too late to make bigger changes to the drawing on a whole, etc., however if I forget something or I deem an addition reasonable I will make corrective action.

Rough sketch (concept)

Feedback & confirmation
Fine sketch

Rough sketch (concept)

Feedback & confirmation
Flat colour

Posting & rights
As I do not live off of artwork and have to do a day job, my time for drawing is limited. Because of this, I cannot justify drawing and then not also posting to my gallery without some sort of compensation. You as a commissioner has the right to use the artwork as you see fit, as long as appropriate credit is given (I always credit the owner of a character and thus I expect to also be credited for the work I have done in regards to the art), though not for commercial purposes without my prior permission, while I as the artist retain full rights to the artwork and thus also the right to post it to my galleries.

If you truly want me to not publish a piece, then I will take a 20% additional charge to the total commission price, as this is paid at the start of the process this is also when this matter should be discussed as it might affect whether or not I'll decide to take a commission. For cases where the publishing of a piece is merely desired delayed (such as a logo being held back until it's ready to be used for a webproject, etc.), I will not charge extra as long as the delay is reasonable. Either way I will not post a piece until the commissioner has recieved the piece personally.

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