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My Eyesight looking at Dewdrops by Uluri

My Eyesight looking at Dewdrops


I have been always wanting to draw what things look like without my glasses because the general pics you see on google never looked just right compared to what I see. One of the biggest things those pics seem to miss out on is the rainbow of color that comes with it. I don't see just the original colors of a light, but the colors get split into multiple colors. Dewdrops are the most amazing looking. And then Christmas lights are the absolute terror of my eyesight. Big Giant Balls of light everywhere.

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    Normal eyesight -> My Eyesight

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    Being a glasses wearer as well, there are big differences I notice……as I’m older I’m starting to get the lens discoloration in my eyes—so, without my glasses and the prisms in them, if I close my right eye, things have a slightly yellow tint to them. Close my left and it’s blurrier than having both eyes open—so, both my eyes have different issues.

    The yellow tint always bugs me when I get my eye exams and have to cover the one eye, because I notice it a LOT then. It makes me worry about doing art in the future if I can’t deal with proper colors…….. :(