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So I ordered a Food Crate... by Uluri

So I ordered a Food Crate...


10 April 2021 at 07:06:44 MDT

Uluri © uluri

I ordered one from because I've never got one before, and these boxes I could see what was inside wasn't just some weirdly flavored kitkats and chips (I've been watching their themes for 3 months. Not a hint of wasabi chips to make sure. Good.). I got it in the other day and everything tastes good. I haven't eaten everything in the box just yet, but literally everything I've nommed so far has been amazing tasting.

It's mochi month, and i really like mochi, so I got one. Even the one thing I wasn't keen on was still good tasting. I didn't hate it, and Tortarus+Kaioku DID like it. Had a nice aftertaste. I really can't wait to eat the rest of the stuff in the box, but been pacing myself to not get a tummy ache.

I liked the weird jelly thing i love the weird texture, I like the plum mochi, I like the weird cube, the round puff was okay, the one cookie was so nice, the weird cracker thing I also liked. I can't wait to try the little cake things. (Must resist eating too much at once or else suffer belly ache from the sweets. Its so hard to resist.)

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    Now I want mochi! ;_;