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Fluff of Terror: Potion Cover by Uluri

Fluff of Terror: Potion Cover


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I decided to make a cover art for Chapter 1 "Potion". I am a little late in making it, but it exists now. XP I plan to make one colored page at the start of every chapter story that I want to make. I am currently working on writing up a script for a chapter 2 story already, so there will be a chapter 2 artwork in the later future as well once I have that entirely written out.

"Fluff of Terror" is a Fantasy, Sice of Life series about Uluri, an odd creature, getting into all sorts of trouble on small, linear mini-adventures. Small and Cute, Fluffy and Dangerous!

Story, Trace, and Uluri © Uluri

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While Chapter 2 is being written, I'm bouncing ideas around and discussing the future of this comic with my Art Supporters.