Adopt by Uluri



21 August 2019 at 07:43:10 MDT

$60 usd or Best Offer. Send me a note. Will also take Artwork along with money if you wanna haggle. Please don't offer other adopts as trade, I am not interested in characters.

4 Total Artworks. (3/4 are old designs, though)
I've done a redesign on this character into a painted wolf a while ago and made a full refernce sheet for it. Even then, I still have not used this character once, so I am adopting it off to someone who would like this character.

Adoptable Character Design Terms of Service:

When buying a character design (adopt) from Uluri, you agree to the following:

  • The full ownership of the character design will belong solely to the new owner of the adopt.

  • The new owner may use said character design however they like.

  • Any Artwork that comes with the design still belongs to the Artist who drew the original pieces. Withwhich, please always credit the artist who has drawn the art, and check in on each artist's individual Terms of Service for their artwork's use and permissions.

  • Any Artwork drawn by Uluri is allowed to be reposted, used, and edited for non-profit as per Uluri'sTOS.

  • You may not resell the character for more than you have bought it unless you have acquired more content for said character. (This is to prevent adopt scalping sales of a buy then immediate resell for profit)

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